About me

I was born in Kilwinning Ayrshire Scotland. I did not have an introduction to art on a formal basis. In retrospect I can vaguely remember I was always able to draw almost anything without much effort. I did not have to work very hard to achieve a decent effect(I believe the ability to draw is mostly genetic).

I secured a bursary to go to the prestigious Glasgow School of Art when I was 15. But being the eldest of five children this was not an option that I could take up. So I became an apprentice carpenter. I drew my first portrait of a colleague at AYR Technical College and received half a crown (12 1/2 p) for my efforts. I followed my occupation as a carpenter for many years doing the odd drawing in the meantime.

During a lull in the building trade I was approached by a printer in Bristol where I now live, to do a drawing of Lester Piggott, the famous Jockey. He then contacted the jockey and he liked it and duly signed 2000 prints of the finished work.

Shortly after that I did two watercolours featuring horses ridden by that other great jockey, Willie Carson and was delighted when he personally signed them.

I then did an Access course and went on to gain a place at the University of the West of England. I did a course in ceramics as I was keen to gain some knowledge of working with clay. I completed the course gaining a 2/1 BA(Hons) degree in 2002.

About the Sketches and Portraits in this website

All the woman I have portrayed here are in my opinion classical beauties and certainly worthy of my efforts to draw them and there are so many.

As for James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart these iconic figures were just two of many actors who played a big part in my cinematic education. I hope to draw many more.

Of all the subjects I draw or paint, I think sports scenes give me most pleasure and I love the challenge of capturing movement and action.

I have given guest lectures to various art groups.

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